Introduction – Hello and welcome to my web site. I am an avid gay porn surfer and a long time member of many pay sites. The intention of this site is to share my experience with these sites and perhaps give some insight to people who are interested in joining one of them. I’m not going to be giving any scores or grades because I really think porn is a personal preference, a lot of it comes down to who or what you are innately attracted to. I’m simply going to write a little about my experience with the site and my personal opinion on whom it might appeal to. Alternatively you can just ignore what I have written and just enjoy the free gay videos and pictures I include with each site review 🙂

Why Join A Porn Site? – Well other than supporting the people that produce the content I enjoy the main reason I join porn sites is connivence. True it is possible to find most scenes for free somewhere on the internet but it can involve a lot of searching and the visiting of questionable web sites. When I am horny and want to jerk off I don’t want the hassle of searching for stuff I just want to go straight to the scene and press play. Quality can also be a good reason to join, often the free versions you find on the web are low quality and most member sites have true HD versions for their members to enjoy.
Gay Porn Reviews
Boys Destroyed
BOYS DESTROYED – gay porn review
Site Theme – Izzy James impales white boys on his massive rod
Review Date – 04-03-2012
Boys Destroyed is all about Izzy James and his porno adventures. As you would have no doubt noticed, Izzy has been blessed with an enormous tool and at Boys Destroyed you get to watch him put it to work. Every episode will start with Izzy on the hunt for a cute white boy to impale. His victims can be found in many places, they could be the gardener he hired to look after his yard or just a stranger he meets in the street.
Next Door Male
NEXT DOOR MALE – gay porn review
Site Theme – Gorgeous young men make their gay porn debuts
Review Date – 03-31-2012
Next Door Male features all solo, jerk off scenes and is where Next Door Studios introduce new guys into the gay porn industry. Having said that there are lots of scenes with well known porn stars but when they find a new guy this is where they will first appear. Often once a new guy has done some scenes for Next Door Male they will then make their first hardcore appearance on another of the networks sites.
Office Cock
OFFICE COCK – gay porn review
Site Theme – Gorgeous men in suits fuck at the office
Review Date – 03-30-2012
Office Cock focuses on the popular fantasy of sex at the work place. With all of the episodes taking place in offices you can imagine how the scenarios usually play out. Two co-workers might be having a slow day at the office and opt for some extra stimulus while their boss is away. Or an eager stud might be trying to climb the corporate ladder and find himself bent over his bosses desk as he tries to convince him of his merit.
Austin Wilde
AUSTIN WILDE – gay porn review
Site Theme – The official web site of porn star Austin Wilde
Review Date – 03-29-2012
Austin Wilde is an athletic stud that has been in the porn industry since 2008. Like many of his peers he started his career with Next Door Male and quickly proved very popular. He was soon signed as an exclusive model for Raging Stallion studios where he was named their man of the year for 2010. From there he launched his own web site and continues to work hard in the industry with this site being his main focus.
Daddy Raunch
DADDY RAUNCH – gay porn review
Site Theme – Raunchy bareback sex with hairy and masculine men
Review Date – 03-28-2012
Daddy Raunch isn't the type of site I would normally join but on this particular day I had an urge for some sleazy sex and this is what I was drawn to. The reason I wouldn't normally join is because the site doesn't feature original porn but rather scenes ripped from DVD's. This means the content isn't as higher quality as other sites I have reviewed and stories or interviews with the models are lacking.
Project City Bus
PROJECT CITY BUS – gay porn review
Site Theme – Hunky men fuck amateur guys while riding a bus
Review Date – 03-27-2012
The boys at Project City Bus have somehow gotten their hands on an old public bus and naturally they use it to get fucked. Amusingly they cruise bus stops looking for cute cute guys to pick up in one of the elaborate reality porn setups you will find. The bus looks to be the real deal and although they don't pick up many passengers the people they do let on the bus are hot. Of course sex doesn't just happen on a public bus…